Landlord / Tenant Law

Protecting the rights of property owners.

Landlord and Tenant Law
Owning property can prove a profitable long-term investment, but the route is paved with pitfalls and inevitable issues. We offer legal guidance for owners of single rental units, investors with a portfolio of properties, and large property management companies. Our services include creating and reviewing lease agreements, mitigating tenant-landlord disputes, and managing eviction procedures.


The first line of protection for property owners is a clearly written, legally compliant, signed lease agreement. We create lease agreements for your new rentals, or review existing leases to ensure clarity and compliance.


Tenant and landlord disputes often arise, and when they do, we will defend your rights and work to find a resolution quickly and economically.

Landlord and tenant rights

Your rights as a landlord are largely based on your ability to collect rents, get reimbursed for tenant-caused damage, and conduct an eviction if the tenant fails to live up to the lease obligations. We are well-versed and experienced with provisions and updates to Virginia’s Residential Landlord Tenant Act, and serve as your legal guide around the many complexities of state property laws.

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